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How My Side Hustle Saved Me From Work Related Stress

I am an overthinker. Unfortunately, it comes to sh*tty situations as well. Recently, I have had one of those at work. It almost left me frantic. Almost. But it did not. All thanks to my side-hustle.

Have you heard about not putting all your eggs in one basket? I did, but it is easier said that done. Let me be honest. I have started this blog “Life and Inbetween” for two reasons. First, I like writing. Now matter how much I switch my hobbies I keep coming back to it. Second, I wanted to become one of those lifestyle bloggers, going to all kinds of events, taking pictures of my food and earning money while doing all of the above. After all, who would not want to have several sources of income?

Well, that plan has horrible failed 😀 There are many reasons for that. The main one, I guess, that I am not a blogger per say. I like sharing my ideas and experiences but I am not ready to spend hours and hours per week working on my writing. It is ok though. I like it being my online diary and write here only when I am in the mood 🙂

However, recently, I started another blog with a very precise goal. I specialise in online marketing and many of my friends turn to me for advice when they start their business. Creating websites, deciding what ad how to write about, running campaigns and promoting yourself can be quite intimidating for many. That is why I have started Practical Marketing – a blog on online marketing for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses. Every time I come across something what can be useful and easy to implement, I put it there.

My marketing blog is not just a hobby but is not made for the purpose of becoming rich either. It is a place I exercise my skills and help others do the same. Even though I have published only a few posts there, Practical Marketing has already outperformed Life and Inbetween even though the latter one is around a year old. I cannot put in words how much that uplifted my spirits and it is not the statistics that I am talking about. I am talking about the incredible feeling of happiness from being able to help others, even if it is just a little bit, and knowing that there is someone out there whom my tips might help moving forward with their business.

Now I understand what everyone means when they say that it is about giving. When I started “Life and Inbetween”, it was all about asking: asking for attention, followers and appreciation without bringing much value to my readers in the first place. Switching from asking to giving, I got the biggest satisfaction I could from running my blogs.

Now back to the work situation. It was not nice. It could have left me upset for days. But it did not. Not now. Not anymore. Now I have that calm which comes when your well-being is like a table. The more legs the table has, the more stable it stands. Maybe not the best comparison but I think you get it. Mine does not have that many legs yet though, but I am working on it 🙂

And how about you? How has YOUR life changed since you started side-hustling/blogging?




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