Ready Player One: Book Review

Hi all,

I should be honest. I do not really like writing book reviews. Especially the detailed ones. However, if I come across an AMAZING book, I cannot but not share. This time it is the case. “Read Player One” is the best book I have come across this year.

“Ready Player One” is a true… I have seen the movie first and it did not impress me. My boyfriend insisted though that book was nothing a like. I gave it a go and I did not regret it for a moment.

It is dystopia about the future where humanity is rolling into  poverty and logins to world wide virtual reality to escape everyday problems. Not the kind of book I would usually pick up. I have a tendency to detective stories which you can read while being cozily wrapped up in a blanket, preferably with the rain behind my window 🙂

Nevertheless, despite being a science fiction, “Ready Player One” is one of the cosiest books I have ever read. It fills you with details of a future without getting boring. It makes it all looks os realistic that I could not stop wondering if the world might end up that way. It touches upon such topics as friendship, dating, what is loneliness and what is being alone in the modern age of technology.

Characters were amazing. I knew the end of the story because I saw the movie and yet it was like I did not know it at all. You know the feeling when the book is so good that you do not want to watch TV, or eat or sleep till you are done? This is exactly how it was when I was reading “Ready Player One”.

In other words, if you are looking for a book that would make you keep turning pages, I highly recommend choosing this one.

And what are you currently reading?




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