“How to Love Yourself MORE” Series: What is Wrong with Exercising

How to love yourself more without pain

If you have ever googled on how to improve your life in this or that way, exercising would always come as one of the points. It makes sense. But why is it such a pain then to do it regularly and how to overcome it with an ease of a breeze?

Exercising has plenty of benefits. It tones your body, improves mood and can even help you prevent many brain diseases that appear with age. So they scream from every webpage: exercise! As if everyone of us is healthy enough, has plenty of time, money for often expensive gym subscriptions and does not have full-time job that drains you so much that you collapse on the coach as soon as you come home. And then you try everything you can to follow this advice starting from finding videos on youtube or downloading all kinds of apps that promise you can achieve your goals just by exercising 10 minutes a day.

So, how did it all go for you? I have been there and it did not work for me at all. I am a usual human being with full time job, family, friends and hobbies that require time. So what is wrong with exercising? Nothing. Do I do it now? Yes! Why such an intro then, you ask?

I started like everyone else

Well, I have discovered that usually a piece of advice to exercise can be quite superficial. They say you just need to do what you like but does it work? For example, I have always liked dancing. Naturally I assumed that this was exactly the type of exercise I needed to keep myself fit, right? I went full on, DanceFit, LatinMix, ThaiBo and all that jazz.

It was definitely nice to move to the upbeat music but after working out for two months I have noticed that… I still did not feel that good. Yes, I got a bit toned but that was it. I did not feel like I wanted more. It felt like one of many other chores on my long list. I did not feel happy. I kept being stressed.

A different approach

So what did I do? I switch to types of workout I did not think I would like. One of them was pilates. I have tried the intro level as I am still heavily unfit and during the session I thought it felt weird. It was not what I was used to with all high pulse workouts. In the end of the session when I got up from my mat… I felt great! I felt light and strong and full of energy. This is exactly how I hoped to feel after other types of workouts. It was actually so good that now I cannot wait for each session. I hope once I will be experienced enough to do such exercises at home as well as I simply cannot wait till next class and would love to make part of my daily routine, even though I am still busy but definitely less tired.

Does it mean everyone should do pilates now? No. Do I do only pilates? Also no. There are couple of other workouts which I have never thought I would like but which now on my fitness list.

What I am trying to say is: before settling on a workout you think you are going to like, try everything. Browse for free events in your city, there are usually plenty in spring when fitness centres try to acquire more members with people who are getting ready for summer. Talk to friends, ask them to do a mini session for you with their favourite activities and see if it is something you can get hooked on. In other words, experiment, be brave 🙂

Listen to your body

Do not risk your health when you search for perfect exercising type. I once left from the session because my body sent me warning signs that it might not end well for me. So I stood up and left. No shame in that and nobody would judge you. You need something that would work for your benefit, not the opposite.

Is pilates going to be my thing from now on? I do not know. It is only while I feel good. Or maybe I will become fit like Wonder Woman and then will want something exceptionally challenging 😀

If you do not enjoy your workout, it means it simply not for you. Does it feel like a chore? Switch! Find what would make you feel the way you want to feel and then it will not be such a struggle any more. 

I hope my experience helps those of you who find working too hard or boring or both. Or do you use another approach to becoming a fitness junkie? Please share, I would love to know!

And remember, life is to enjoy 🙂




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