MY LAZY SUNDAY MORNING ROUTINE + a secret ingredient for a perfect oatmeal

Hello lovelies,

How is your weekend so far? I have got a rare opportunity to be alone in the apartment and enjoy my time without any rush or stress and decided to share this time with you. I always like reading these types of posts about all kinds of routines. They calm me down and inspire me. I hope this post will do the same for you 🙂

When I wake up and know there is not a single place I need to run to today, I take my time procrastinating in bed. I am not one of those people who start their every morning with social media. But when I have time, I like to scroll through Pinterest to get an inspiration for some fun project or watch some YouTube videos.

A Very Long Shower

lazy Sunday morning routine dry brushing

The next thing I do is shower. When I have time, I take time for it and try to implement all the good habits like dry brushing. You can search for all the benefits it gives. I like to dry brush because it almost instantly makes me feel more energized but also calm at the same time – perfect condition for a lazy Sunday.

Yummy Breakfast

lazy Sunday morning routine perfect porridge recipe

Then comes the best part of Sunday morning – breakfast, yaay! I love making breakfast when I have enough time to prepare exactly want I want and to truly enjoy it. It is much better than usual having something picked up on the way to work and eating it in a rush without even realising the taste of what I eat.

This time I went for porridge and discovered an ingredient that brings it to the whole next level. It is… coconut oil! I have put some in my porridge while cooking and the result amazed me. My porridge turned out to be so yummy! I highly recommend it to those of you who are trying to eat healthier. I topped it with cinnamon, crushed nuts and strawberries and voila, I was having a guilt-free dessert.

Procrastination, dah

lazy sunday morning routine lifeandinbetween

On lazy Sunday morning my breakfast takes a very long time. That  is because of my essential part of Sunday breakfast – procrastination 😀 When there is no one at home and my apartment is clean and laundry done from the day before, I allow myself to slow down.

Perfect Morning Requires Perfect Coffee

This time I found some travel vlogs and immersed in them over a cup of my favourite coffee ever (not sponsored!!!). You see, I drink coffee only with milk. Several years ago, however, when I desperately craved that juice of life in my system, there was no milk left at work. So I made a cup of black coffee with Cafe Noir. And fell in love. I am not one of those people who claim they can distinguish one sort of coffee from the other but THIS ONE, oh, so good 🙂



While watching vlogs I have also given some extra care to my skin. I put some oils on my face and new cream I just got on my eyes. I used only couple of times so I cannot say yet whether it is doing anything or not. But you get the thought. I like to treat myself a bit when I have time and possibility. Like when I am writing this post, for example, with oil on my face 🙂

After an hour and a half or so of procrastination, I wanted to do something more or less productive not to feel like I am wasting time. On lazy Sundays it is usually some fun project which I was postponing for a while. This time I planted some flowers on my balcony which I am going to renovate soon, yaay 🙂 I am not going to put a photo yet because it is still a mess but I will definitely share when I am done.


lazy Sunday walk by the sea

Then it was already 12.00 and morning was officially over. I got dressed and when for a long (8 km) walk as the weather was very nice.

And how do you spend your lazy Sunday mornings? Please share, I would love to know 🙂




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