Book Review: “Three Sisters, Three Queens” by Philippa Gregory

Hello lovelies,

What do you bring from you travels? I usually bring books. Waiting time in the airport is the best time for me to check the bookshop shelves for new arrivals.

This weekend I have finally got some time to read a bit more and would like share a review of this wonderful book I have recently finished – “There Sisters, Three Queens” by Philippa Gregory. 

Let me start with a confession that Philippa Gregory is my favourite historical novel writer. It is incredible how she can use both her knowledge of history and incredible imagination to bring to life characters which sometimes we know so little about. The biggest mystery for me is how she manages to keep her reader captivated till very last sentence not knowing how it is going to end. Even though you can easily google and see what happened in the history, you cannot put a book away till the very last dot. “Three Sisters, Three Queens”, describing the incredibly intertwined destinies of queen of England, queen of Scotland and Queen of France, is no exception.

Characters: 5/5 – I love the way Philippa Gregory gets into details of each character, each of the queens. It is like you know their every thought leaving no blank spaces to why they made this or that decision.

Plot: 5/5 – like I have explained it already, you do not know what is going to happen even though you kinda know it.

Excitement: 5/5 – almost 540 pages in small font and I have read the book in a single breathe.

Have you ready any of the books by Philippa Gregory? What’s your favourite one?





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