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GRWM: Packing for a Walk in the Forest

Hi lovelies,

How is everything? It is finally getting warmer here so I am trying to be outside as much as possible to stock up on vitamin D. This time we have decided to go on a short walk in the forest so I thought it would be a great idea to share what I took along with me for that mini hike.

1. Backpack

The first thing is the backpack of course. It is from Superdry and I got it for free! Once I was having a walk downtown when I saw a crowd of people near Superdry shop and sellers with numerous orange bags. I figured out they were about to give stuff away so I waited 😀 And it happened! I was quick enough to grab a bag and inside was this lovely backpack.

It has a wonderful palm-tree-like pattern which makes me immediately think about summer and vacation. There are also three pockets outside and couple of pockets inside big enough for a phone. It is light and comfortable and I often take it with me.

what to pack for a hike - backpack, picknick blanket, water bottle

2. Picknick blanket

In my backpack I put this lovely picknick blanket in case we wanted to have a short break somewhere on the way. The colors are so bright and there is more than enough for 3 or 4 people to be seated with comfort.

3. Water bottle

My next essential (which is actually my first) is the water bottle. It is from aluminium and can be hanged by the hip.

4. Cap

Cap is universal. It can protect you from the sun and from the rain, keeps your hair in place and generally makes the whole outfit look cooler. I got this one when I was in Toronto and have so many good memories associated with it.

5. Hand sanitizer

I also always take my hand sanitiser with me. I like being close to nature but not too close 😀 And if honestly, you just never know when it can come in handy. As an alternative it can also be some wet wipes to get rid of dirt and disinfect.

what to pack for a hike hand sanitizer

6. Snacks

As we were planning on a very brief hike we did not need much to munch on. I have got an apple and couple of pears. It was more than enough.

what to pack for a hike snacks grwm


7. Camera

The last but not the list is my wonderful Canon camera. Professional photographers might find it too weak but I am an amateur and think it does a great job. I like taking it with me whenever there is a chance of a good shot. Below is the sneak-peek of what I have seen during my walk.

And how do you spend your sunny days? Or is it still cold where you are?

Hope to hear from you soon 🙂





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