Surprisingly Good Weekend Trip: What To See To Truly Experience Copenhagen in Two Days

I have been in Copenhagen couple of times before, just passing by so to say, and never particularly liked it. Too big, too noisy, too dirty, jam-packed with people. I could not catch a glimpse of any of the beauty everyone was talking about. However, when my boyfriend suggested to spend our Easter weekend there, I decided to give the city a final go and see if it could ever appeal to me. To my surprise, we have stumbled upon some shockingly good places.

We arrived in the middle of the day. Right after we dropped off the bags at the hotel we went straight to The Royal Arsenal Museum. On the way we got slightly lost and found the most paralysingly beautiful place in the city – Copenhagen Royal Library which is the main image of this post.

If you google  it, you will mostly see the pictures of the new building called “Black Diamond” but it is the old building which I find breath-taking. Having a dark blood colour, The Royal Library smells with mystery and somewhat disturbing stories giving an unnerving feeling together with goose bumps despite the sunny day. It left the brightest impression from that trip and I would definitely like to come here again when it gets warmer so I could sit on a bench and read some book about magic.

Then we got hungry as we barely ate anything since the morning. We ended up at this great Italian restaurant located very close to the main shopping street. My lasagne was decent and my boyfriend claimed he tasted better pizza only in Italy itself.

best Italian restaurant in Copenhagen

We finished the evening in Tivoli which is the best after dark… 🙂

Copenhagen tivoli street

Next day after 4 hours of strolling, checking, smelling and trying we went to Paludan Bøger Cafe. This is a great place for book warms like me. Great food and cozy atmosphere which cannot be diminished even by insane time you need to spend in a line for your cup of coffee.

best book cafe in Copenhagen

Another city “hot spot” is Hard Rock Cafe. I cannot say I am a big fan of this genre of music but the atmosphere was great, cocktails were strong, burgers were juicy and fries were crispy. If you have a chance to visit, I highly recommend.

inside hard rock cafe in copenhagen

The last but not the least is Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket. As you can see from the picture below, it has nothing to do with beer. Brewery magnate Carl Jacobsen had a passion for art and believed that it should speak to individuals directly without being overburdened by academic stuff.

This is the place to enjoy the beauty, to feel it getting under your skin. Fortunately we came early enough to enjoy the peace and quite of this place in a winter garden. We did not have much time to explore it thoroughly as we had to leave Copenhagen soon but I hope to come here again.

Copenhagen Carlsberg Museum

And how have you spent your Easter weekend? Any trips?


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