Christmas Table Centrepiece Inspiration πŸŽ„

Hello my lovelies,

If anyone of you have not realised it, Christmas is right around the corner. For those like me who are still running around buying presents and decorating here and there to bring more of the Christmas spirit into their lives, I wanted to share a little inspo for the Christmas table centrepiece which anyone can make.

First of all, I have thought about what Christmas is all about. To me it is associated with snow, fireplace, Christmas tree (da-a) and most of all love πŸ™‚ When I made it clear for myself, finding the things I needed as step two was quite easy πŸ™‚ I have searched a bit around the house, made a brief visit to local hobby all-stuff-is-cheap shop and voi la

I think I have managed to put it all together in a rather lovely way. The birds might be a bit out proportioned, lol, but we already had them and I felt like there was still too much white space.

The thing I like most are two figures of a boy and a girl in the centre. I have found them in a hobby shop where they put together with all kinds of other stuff, all in one pile. When I saw them, I understood that these figures were exactly what I needed for my Christmas table centrepiece.


These little boy and girl bring up the memories of my childhood and childhood friends, adventures, fun in the snow and expectation of miracles that would definitely happen during Christmas.

I hope I have managed to inspire you to make your on Christmas table decoration. I am counting I will be able to put up one more post before the holidays. But in case I do not “see” you till then, Merry Christmas to all of you!

xxoo πŸ™‚


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