Hello my lovely people,

The holidays are right upon us with all the present choosing, shopping and partying when I know you want to feel on top but instead get stress as a companion to joy.Β  During these days it is essential to give yourself a boost which would not take too much time or energy. That is why I decided to share with you my mini self-care kit if you, like me, want to feel luxurious without spending 1,5 hour in a bathroom.

As you know from my previous post, when it comes to pampering routines I might be quite skeptical. The main reason is because they often make me feel tired rather than relaxed. It does not mean, however, that self-care is out of my to-do lists. At my disposal I have this wonderful self-care kit which consists of 4 products that make me feel like I have been to the beauty salon and it takes only 15 min for all in all πŸ™‚

HUGO BOSS Nuit Pour Femme Body Lotion

mini self care kit hugo boss beaty kit for holiday season

If New Year had a smell, it would have been a smell of this body lotion. Thin in texture, it leaves your skin amazingly glowing and soft. It is the best option for those with normal or slightly dry skin. I use it after shower when I want to feel like a queen of the queens πŸ˜€ I have tried many body lotions but for now I have not encountered any that exceeds this one in quality, smell and the effect it gives.

THE BODY SHOP Vanilla Pumpkin Hand Cream

mini self care kit the body shop vanilla pumpkin hand cream beauty kit for holiday season

Our little helpers need especially much care in winter. Here in Denmark, the wind and humidity can make the skin on your hands bleed (literally) if you do not take care of it well enough. To help my hands out, this winter I have tried this amazing Vanilla Pumpkin Hand Cream by Body Shop. The smell is, OMG… it is the smell of family and cozy evening, warm tea and freshly baked cookies topped with hugs and wrapped in Christmas sweaters. It does not only leave the skin on your hands nourished but also immediately put you in Xmas mood πŸ™‚

DEPEND 02 Grape and Avocado Nail Oil

mini self care kit depend 02 grape and avocado nail oil beauty kit for holiday season

Moving further, it is important to remember about your nails as well. I bet you have already booked an appointment and your nearest manicure salon to make them look as gorgeous (and sparkly in my case) as everything around you. And if you want your mani to last long, it is important that your nails are nourished under all the cover. I was told by my manicure lady that nails are splitting because they lack moisture and the best way to replenish them is by sing oil.

I have recently bought this nail oil by Depend. It has slightest sent of something sweet (grape, I guess :D), gets absorbed very fast and my nails feel better after two uses already which is quite incredible. As I am nail art fan, it is important that during the holiday season my hands and nails look better than ever so I have incorporated this oil in my daily routine.

GLAMGLOW Youthmud Exfoliating Treatment

mini self care kit glamglow youth mud mask beauty kit for holiday season

The last but not the leat, this mask from Glam Glow. I must warn you, it is expensive, like a LOT. That is why I am the owner of this sample size which cost 6 times less than a full jar. I have heard many different opinions about it and after the very first trial my advice would be “go for it”. I love it. It gives my skin immediate boost like no other mask does and became my favourite item in my skin care routine.

I find this kit is irreplaceable when I need to feel pumped within 15 minutes. And remember to eat vitamins, as nothing is going to help if you do not treat yourself from the inside like you do from the outside πŸ™‚ These ones below were gone before I finished the first sentence of this post, lol πŸ˜€

mini self care kit vitamin c oranges

I hope you liked it! Or maybe got an idea for your own mini self-care kit? Let me know!Β  πŸ™‚

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