Surprising Truth About Pampering That Will Make You Stop Doing It

I have a guilty pleasure – YouTube. If I truly want to relax and distract my mind from the imperfect daily life of mine, I go on YouTube to enjoy the vision those who made at least look as perfect as it can only be. Some of those videos really inspire me whether it is cooking something yummy or finally cleaning out that clutter laying around for months.

One of my favourite types of videos are pampering videos. I imagine right away how nice this or that would feel on my skin or how amazing it would be to spend the whole hour in the bathtub.

After seeing several of them I decided to move from watching to action. One evening when my boyfriend was away (as I cannot imagine doing something completely undisturbed for than 15 minutes if anyone else except for me is at home), I stocked up with all the fluffy, soothing and nicely smelling stuff to create a paradise pamper evening for me, myself and I.

Around 3 hours I spent washing, scrubbing, “masking” and rubbing in which were followed by clipping, filing and polishing. Around 15 minutes after I was done my boyfriend home to find me laying on bed completely exhausted. I felt like I worked on two jobs that day or cleaned the whole appartment. There was not a single glimpse of all the pleasant feelings I was promised by happy YouTubers.

If you Google the definition of “pamper” you will get “indulge with every attention, comfort, and kindness; spoil.” I did not feel any of these. If anything was really spoiled was my mood as I got a feeling of a wasted evening.

However, there are things that do make me feel amazing. I love when I go to a manicure salon to take care of my lady claws. I LOVE getting a haircut and leaving beauty salon feeling refreshed and looking like a movie star (at least in my head). And I cannot imagine anything better than getting a full body massage given me by a professional or just by my boyfriend. Nothing can give me better feeling of relaxation, except for maybe swimming in warm sea in hot sunny day. THIS makes me feel spoiled, completely relaxed and simply happy.

In other words, I do not pamper myself anymore. Not in a YouTube way at least. I let others pamper me. Only then I can truly focus purely on relaxing. Only then I feel truly pampered and ready to conquer the world.

Online world tells us about many things which we should and should not do. Without even noticing you get so focused on what Internet says is everybody is doing that you put all your energy to fit in, especially if the promise it will turn your life around. But does it, actually? Pampering is in fashion but do you always follow all trends when it comes to clothes?

I suggest to all of you, who is just like me is constantly short of time  working till late and coming home to kids, husbands and dirty dishes. Do not believe that stuff you see online. Do not punish yourself with “pampering” which makes you feel only more exhausted. Save your money on all the fancy cr*p and pay someone to take care of you. Ask your girlfriends. I am sure some of them would go along with the idea to exchange “salon” services with you and each other.  Or simply force your men, buy them with delicious dinners, sex and promises to leave them alone for the whole evening with football and beer.

But I am part of Internet as well, so don’t listen do me. Do what you like doing and what feels right to you.

Love to all and all around,


P.S.: Inspo for this post was taken from here, and from a pamper video I am watching right now cuz watching is not doing 😀

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