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HELP! How to switch off from work during vacation?

The best day of summer is the first day of you vacation. There is nothing urgent to do, nowhere to rush and no thoughts about work what so ever. Ooops! The last one is not true at all… What shall I do?

Recently I have started a new job (that is why I disappeared from my blog for so long, sorry!). This job has brought me many opportunities, unique experiences and possibilities to grow. However, my responsibilities, in comparison to my previous job, have grown significantly as well. I became a manager responsible for the whole (though a tiny one, but still) department. I am really enjoying it. I love working with my team, coming up with projects and implementing them into life. However, if something goes wrong, it is my responsibility and thus my fault.

Today is the third day of my vacation and I keep thinking about my job. I keep thinking about all the tasks that are undone, about all the things I will have to do asap when I am back. Worst of all, our parent company has decided to roll out some projects exactly the time I am on vacation. We have not been warned in advance. These projects are quite important. I cannot go into details but the consequences are that I need to check my email regularly and respond and deliver information as soon as I can. Otherwise, if any mistakes happen – it would be my fault.

I clearly understand that this is normal for many managers and there is no surprise that vacations are rarely truly free. However, what bothers me, is that I cannot switch off in between my work and leisure time. I keep thinking about the email I need to write tomorrow. I keep wondering whether my employees will do it all in proper way while I am gone. Instead of a vacation, even though I have got significantly more free time, I keep feeling like I am working from home rather than enjoy my holidays. How to stop it?

I suppose this problem exists for those who work from home as well as then it is even more difficult to divide work and personal life. Many of you are bloggers and writers working from home. So how do you switch your attention between work and life matters? How the hell do you manage to feel like you are on a vacation???

Please, help, guys 😦 …

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