Gran Canaria Chronicles (Day 2): Ocean Road to Puerto Rico

Today we have decided to start with a walk to Puerto Rico which is a much bigger city in comparison to a place we are staying at. We were promised it would take us only 20 minutes. The way there took us all forty but this because I have never walked the such a beautiful road in my life and was stopping every 5 minutes to enjoy the view.

This is no car road but a broad way built right in the mountains going along the shore with blooming bushes on one side and limitless ocean to the other side. The waves hitting the stones and ocean water of turquoise colour like from some photoshopped picture were breathtaking.

amazing water color ocean gran canaria

Puerto Rico appeared to be a typical sea shore city with many cafes and ferries going to other towns. I cannot say we saw much of it yet as it was just a brief tour. We have decided to return back to our beach to use the most of wonderful weather.


And now I am back home (aka hotel room aka small apartment) and back to reading. I usually have no time to read at all unless I the book is so good that I simply keep reading through the night so now I am going all crazy 😀 I decided to give a go to “Throne of Glass” by Maas. I have already read “The Court of Thorns and Roses” (which is amazing, especially the 2nd book, can’t wait for book 3!) and hope this one is as good.

Sweet dreams to all of you among the snows!

P.S.: have you missed the day 1 of my chronicles? It is right here 🙂



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