Gran Canaria Chronicles (Day 1) – The Beginning

The best time to experience summer is in winter, I know this for sure now. Booking a two-week family trip to Gran Canaria in February when in Northern Europe everything if  not that cold but still so dark and gloomy was definitely one of the best decisions ever.

5 h 30 min flight was the longest one in my life for now. I was a bit nervous as, let’s be honest, who likes flying…. It was quite of a turbulence at time and there was obviously a certain strategy when captain talked to us every time when our plane was shaking a bit too much. But all in all, with a book by J.K. Rawling in my hand the flight went fast and easy.

Gran Canaria met us with warmth, huge palms and cloudy sky. I cannot we are that happy about the hotel, especially when we discovered how week here is the Internet connection. Fortunately, I got like 4 or so books o my computer, so I will keep myself entertained. But the location is amazing. Wonderful ocean shore is literally 2 minutes away and the beach is absolutely gorgeous. And a beautiful summer in full bloom all around us.

But there is one sign that clearly indicates that no matter how warm it is, it is still winter even here. The sun goes down around 19.30 so it is a dark evening now that I am writing this even though it is only 20.30. Time to read and sleep, so looking forward for tomorrow… 🙂

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