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Christmas Table Centrepiece Inspiration ðŸŽ„

Hello my lovelies,

If anyone of you have not realised it, Christmas is right around the corner. For those like me who are still running around buying presents and decorating here and there to bring more of the Christmas spirit into their lives, I wanted to share a little inspo for the Christmas table centrepiece which anyone can make. Continue reading “Christmas Table Centrepiece Inspiration ðŸŽ„”



Hello my lovely people,

The holidays are right upon us with all the present choosing, shopping and partying when I know you want to feel on top but instead get stress as a companion to joy.  During these days it is essential to give yourself a boost which would not take too much time or energy. That is why I decided to share with you my mini self-care kit if you, like me, want to feel luxurious without spending 1,5 hour in a bathroom. Continue reading “MINI SELF-CARE KIT FOR HOLIDAY SEASON ðŸŽ„”

Surprising Truth About Pampering That Will Make You Stop Doing It

I have a guilty pleasure – YouTube. If I truly want to relax and distract my mind from the imperfect daily life of mine, I go on YouTube to enjoy the vision those who made at least look as perfect as it can only be. Continue reading “Surprising Truth About Pampering That Will Make You Stop Doing It”

HELP! How to switch off from work during vacation?

The best day of summer is the first day of you vacation. There is nothing urgent to do, nowhere to rush and no thoughts about work what so ever. Ooops! The last one is not true at all… What shall I do? Continue reading “HELP! How to switch off from work during vacation?”

What Is the Real Reason We Enjoy Reading?

When my parents decided it was time to teach me how it read, I hated it. I hated it as much as I could and ran away from it as soon as teaching “hour” was over. What I loved was dogs. Dogs and everything related to them. We had quite few stray dogs around and I could not be happier than when I spent my time with them. Continue reading “What Is the Real Reason We Enjoy Reading?”

Gran Canaria Chronicles (Day 2): Ocean Road to Puerto Rico

Today we have decided to start with a walk to Puerto Rico which is a much bigger city in comparison to a place we are staying at. We were promised it would take us only 20 minutes. The way there took us all forty but this because I have never walked the such a beautiful road in my life and was stopping every 5 minutes to enjoy the view. Continue reading “Gran Canaria Chronicles (Day 2): Ocean Road to Puerto Rico”

Gran Canaria Chronicles (Day 1) – The Beginning

The best time to experience summer is in winter, I know this for sure now. Booking a two-week family trip to Gran Canaria in February when in Northern Europe everything if  not that cold but still so dark and gloomy was definitely one of the best decisions ever. Continue reading “Gran Canaria Chronicles (Day 1) – The Beginning”

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